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We own a holistic supplemental company and we needed an artist who was capable of combining our intrinsic vision with their creative intuition. Yukiko Adachi delivered above and beyond our expectations. Her work embodied the essence of Balanced Body Systems and it continues to inspire a natural and holistic approach to life. 

- Rocco & Karina A., Co-Presidents of Balanced Body Systems

This portrait of Lana Del Rey is even more intricate and engaging in person. Photos don't do it justice! Her linework and use of color harmonize beautifully throughout the entire piece. Yukiko is both professional and personable. I'd love to work again with her in the future.

- Nick E.

I commissioned Yukiko to draw a comic strip for my boyfriend’s Christmas gift. She communicated well, drafted up sketches, and executed everything I asked for perfectly. I often tell people I know someone has real skill because they make it look easy, and that’s what Yukiko does. Her attention to detail is what makes her drawing seem so fun and effortless. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Custom gifts are always meant to be more heartfelt, and I felt her passion from beginning to end. Thanks again Yukiko!

 - Eugenia Y.

Yukiko did a great job capturing what I had imagined and had great ideation based off of very few inputs. Her outputs were whimsical and creative without being too on the nose. One of my best experiences hiring a freelancer.

 - Israel S.

Yukiko's work speaks for itself - it's very witty and "spot on". She has an ability to capture a thought, and make it into art. With just a few key points and ideas, Yukiko created an amazing 8"x10" color drawing in her doodle-style for a wedding gift for my sister-in-law. She was very easy to work with, and quick to figure out what exactly I was looking for to ensure a truly personalized piece. Moreover, she kept me in the loop with sketches during the entire process. The final product blew everyone away. Will definitely be working with her in the future!

 - Shubho S. and Stephanie L.

I couldn't be more thrilled with the design and creativity Yukiko put together into a timeless illustration for my dear friends' marriage. She truly captured the spirit of their relationship with her unique style, uncanny perception and incredible eye for detail. She is a genuine master of her craft and infuses a most exceptional and witty sense of humour into her work!

 - Iva G.

We are a start up in the food and beverage space and were in need of a few illustrations to add color and character to our digital communications. Given the fact we are an Asian brand trying to make it in North America we felt a ‘third culture artist’ like Yukiko would be able to relate, boy were we right! Just one brief and we had three winning designs from Yukiko, we loved her work, speed, communication and professionalism! 

 - Tim M., Nora Snacks

I found Yukiko on Instagram. I was drawn to the sense of humor in her comics and the colorful, lively enthusiasm in her illustrations and I’ve been following her account ever since. But, it was her painting of a sweet elephant that drew me in. It was more than the colors and the cuteness of the elephant...there was an emotion behind it that reminded me of the warmth and cheerfulness of my Mom. I felt I needed to purchase that piece and contacted Yukiko. My interaction with her was very pleasant and professional - I couldn’t wait to receive my painting in the mail! When it did arrive, I was not disappointed! Everything that made me fall in love with this painting was so much more colorful and vibrant in my hands! I am extremely happy with my art piece! Thank you, Yukiko - you made everything a pleasure from beginning to end! Blessings!  

 - Lynn S.

It's been 5 years since we last released an album and I think there was some doubt about whether we ever would again. Happy that it's finally happening and so thrilled with your contribution to the project. I really think your art provides the perfect visual representation of the music and the context in which it was created.  

 - Young Nige, Friends With The Help

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